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Asian betting exchanges explained

For a start, without the betting operator needing to rely on betting margins to make profit, better odds are guaranteed instantly which cannot be said for traditional betting sites who are unable to stand out in a crowded marketplace and offer little in terms of value. Betting exchanges grant bettors the freedom to bet how they wish. Having to pay commission is a potential stumbling block for people wanting to start out using a betting exchange.

At least the rates issued initially are. Of course, these can eventually be lowered through frequent trading, as is the case with Betfair but having to pay if you back a winning bet, albeit if you have done so with better odds, will deter some from ever giving a betting exchange a chance.

This can be a common issue if betting on obscure leagues or markets for instance, in which case using more traditional betting sites may be the easier option. BetBlazers is home to one of the world's biggest sports betting communities! We are solely dedicated to providing helpful advice and information on everything related to online betting and sports betting online.

Find everything you need from bookmaker comparison in the UK, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, to general betting advice and even free, expert betting tips. Bet Blazers Betting guides How a betting exchange works in practice. Like BetBlazers. Follow BetBlazers. What is BetBlazers? About BetBlazers Contact Us.

Do they offer other sports than horse racing I am interested in football especially. Thanks, M,. Lucas Gaining experience Karma: -1 Posts: Hi, What do you mean by "asian exchange"? Could you give me an example of one? If you google it you will not found a lot of results about asian exchanges. But i have also heard that there are some ,i have never used one. Anyone to answer here? I was interested in this, so I talked to somebody from germany about this. He tried 2 of these a couple years ago.

But he told me that these didn't work like the exchanges like betfair. There are no fixed odds that you can back or lay. It workes like a pool where everybody can place bets, but the odds are flexible and you have to wait for the bets to be settled to know what odds you get. So it is pretty useless for arbitrage, but he told me that the odds he got were sometimes higher than in betfair.

The problem is you don't know it before the event and because of that you can't place an arb. I don't know if this is all true, since I've never tried any service like that, but I hope I could help with that.

Alfa Totally Pro Karma: 57 Posts: There is CITIbet only horse racing , but as mentioned above you cannot get fixed odds when you place the bet because it has something to do with getting a variable discount on the starting price of that horse I cannot make sense of it to be honest. Lots of liquidity though. Bubbles To become a Pro Karma: 5 Posts: It's something like a huge betting pot, not an exchange as we understand it; meaning, it's not suitable for arbing or trading.

Sort of a dark pool for horse, harness and greyhound racing punters mostly from Asia. E4e Gaining experience Karma: 0 Posts: Quote from: Alfa on March 21, , AM. Thanks for the link! Looked at the site again and the actual betting makes sense, but I don't understand why anyone with access to other bookies or exchanges would place a bet just knowing the rebate he'll get but not knowing at what price it'll be calculated at Quote from: Alfa on March 22, , PM. Thanks for reply guys.


This guide aims to shed light on the idea and highlight the reasons behind its ever-growing popularity. Experienced bettors will be fully aware of the benefits of a betting exchange but for beginners to betting, the process can appear somewhat strange and take some getting used to. A betting exchange differs from this in how it serves as a middleman and acts as an online platform for bettors to both back and lay bets against one another.

In its simplest form, it allows for a customer - more commonly referred to as betting traders - to bet on or against something happening, with the added buffer of being able to alter their original stance in real-time. Every bet placed on a betting exchange will involve two bets between two punters — one bet backing the subject to win, and a second betting against the same subject to lose.

The odds generated from the proposed bet are set by punters who can request odds from fellow bettors, as well as offer odds. Where an exchange such as Betfair allows for traders to bet against each other, no profit is made from how the odds are set, unlike traditional betting sites. It makes its money instead by applying a commission on the net profit earned within the betting exchange.

This applies across the board, regardless of the exchange site you use though the rates differ depending on the exchange. Using Cash-Out on a betting exchange allows you to secure a win or cut your losses on a bet without having to wait for the conclusion of an event, just as you can on a standard betting site.

The feature offers complete transparency by displaying the value of your bet in real time and how much you stand to win or lose at a specific time. When you consider the many benefits of using a betting exchange over a traditional bookmaker, you have to say yes.

And it appears more and more bettors are working out the benefits for themselves. For a start, without the betting operator needing to rely on betting margins to make profit, better odds are guaranteed instantly which cannot be said for traditional betting sites who are unable to stand out in a crowded marketplace and offer little in terms of value.

When you place these bets on an exchange, you can lay the chance to get your stake back. You might even get some profit from doing so. A betting exchange is a service or platform. The exchange allows you to come together with punters all over the world to bet against one another. An exchange is not done by a bookmaker, though, because you can offer and accept odds from other punters.

Many view betting exchanges to be risk-free. This is in comparison to traditional bookies, where you risk betting one-on-one with punters on markets. The betting exchange holds the space for you and other bettors to match bets against each other. Of course, no such service is free. The betting exchange takes a commission from users for supplying the platform. Many punters see betting exchanges as a fairer way to place sports bets. This is probably due to the way sports betting works, which is discussed below.

There are plenty to choose from, and each differs in its own way. Betfair is easily the biggest and most popular betting exchange world-wide. Betfair has two different ways it earns a commission, depending on how frequently you bet. Some other exchanges, like Matchbook, have a lower commission at just 1. Another great, low-commission betting exchange is Smarkets. BetDaq is the only other betting exchange with a publicly accessible API, which makes it a great competitor for Betfair.

It also offers excellent liquidity for its markets, but BetDaqs commission works similarly to Betfair. Many of these betting exchanges also offer welcome bonuses to its new users. You want to get the most out of your betting exchange experience, so make sure the betting exchange site will meet you with great benefits. Betting exchanges have quickly come to the center of the online betting revolution over the years.

In allowing users to place lay bets, the sports betting industry was re-shaped, and users could profit regardless of the original bet that was set. When you use a betting exchange, you no longer need your team to win or lose to earn profits, which has a massive appeal to many. The concept of in-play betting, in particular, is something betting exchanges have provided, with the exchange allowing users to change odds throughout an event. The model for betting exchanges has provided the basis of a lot of online betting features commonly used today.

One such feature is the ability to cash out of your bet, enabling a profit or avoidance of loss.

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The aim of Asian handicap betting is to provide a level playing field for two opposing clubs varying in form and performances favourite vs underdog. For example, if Liverpool is playing against Fulham, who are given a handicap of 0. Although Liverpool has drawn the game, on the Asian handicap market, it's Fulham who will be considered as the winner.

When placing a bet , the Asian handicap gives the bettor a lot of options to look at before making a final decision on his wager. Asian handicap betting can result in a rare win-win situation , though whether you win or get your stake refunded depends on the nature of the bet you've placed. Check out our table below for a detailed insight into the different types of Asian Handicap bets. If you carefully analyse what's at stake and choose the right betting strategy , you are likely to win more bets or even get half or full refund of your stake.

Pay attention to the following when placing your bet. One of the best strategies in Asian handicap betting is always to be guided by bookmaker prices. The bookies always prefer odds for teams based on their performances and likelihood to win a game. In a bet like this, a -1 Asian Handicap on Liverpool is the most suitable option. This strategy requires comparing the odds with the statistics of the teams involved for a better judgement.

The statistics to look out for are the average goals scored and conceded by both teams home and away per the current season, as well as previous meetings and history of the match venue, unless they are a neutral grounds. For example, it's more unlikely for Chelsea to lose by a two-goal margin at Stamford Bridge, compared to the chances of Bournemouth losing by a two-goal difference at the Vitality Stadium.

For the best football statistics online, check out our list of the most useful sites for football betting. A team's winning and losing margin is a highly crucial factor in Asian handicap betting. You should check the winning rate and goals scored of top teams whenever they are up against underdogs, and bet on their winning margins. For example, if Manchester City tend to score a lot of goals against weaker opponents, it might be a good idea to bet on them at Asian handicap betting may seem complex and confusing to some, but it has various sub-types that will help you break it down into basic betting.

The types are have been created to give you a better understanding from basic Asian Handicap permutations, along with examples to help clarify things further. Let's take a closer look at the types of Asian handicap bets below. This type of Asian handicap betting is preferred when there is no perceived difference in the strengths of two teams; consequently, both teams start the game with 0 goals. Broadly speaking, you are betting on the overall winner of the game, as the difference being a draw has been removed.

This Asian handicap type is similar to Draw No Bet , as your money is refunded when the game ends in a tie. This means that:. The ideal scenario for single Asian handicap betting is when there is a relatively wider difference between the two teams concerned. In this case, bookmakers give the supposed weaker team a lead ahead by goals even before the game starts for betting purposes.

This type of Asian handicap is very popular with bookies, and some of most common Asian Handicaps they offer are: This type of Asian handicap betting is designed for when the two teams involved are at par in terms of strength and performance. This kind of bet is usually favoured in derby games or big matches, which are very difficult to bet on. The bookie allows you to split your stake for your favourite team on a win or draw basis. It is this type of AH that's referred to as a quarter goal Asian handicap bet.

In essence, it is a combination of two AH permutations on a single bet. For example: 0. When betting on a whole goal handicap, if the result is level after the handicap is taken into account, then your bet will be refunded. However, when if you choose to bet on the Asian Handicap market, the draw is taken out of the equation, so you will be left with two options from which to choose. The above example is the simplest case of Asian Handicap betting on Betfair. For example, if you back Arsenal to beat Everton with a handicap of The most accurate handicap will usually be the middle one listed.

Some Asian Handicap markets give teams two virtual head starts or handicaps in the case of the favourite. In this example, the stake is divided between a bet on the zero level handicap and a bet on the half-goal handicap. It is worth comparing Asian markets to DNB markets offered by bookmakers — as you will often find that the Asian market is better value. The market is similar to a normal odds market in that you Back or Lay in the same way, but because of the more complex rules involved with Asian Handicap betting.

Under the 'My Bets' tab, there is a summary of your current matched position and your worst possible outcome for each possible result, and each unmatched bet on the 'My Bets' tab has profit and loss information underneath it.

When you place a bet, money will be reserved from your account to cover your worst possible position on the market. In an Asian Handicap market, the amount reserved will reflect bets on all lines. For example, if you Back a team to win with a 1.